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Throughout history, Cyprus has been the center of attraction, hosted civilizations of all times and accommodated them in its lands by protecting their cultures.

In each of its steps, it is possible to come across with the traces of history and witness a mysterious past.  Venetian, Lusignan, Byzantine, Ottoman and British traces, and many more.

Northern Cyprus shares the heritage of this history with you in songs, roads and trees.

While Venetian walls surround Lefkoşa and Gazimağusa; in Northern Cyprus, the castles with their entire splendor, the cathedrals where kings wore crowns, monasteries dedicated to saints spreading Christianity, tombs, dervish lodges, and neighborhoods with social housing, which are still being visited, still rule.

Enjoy living at the inmost history.


Have you noticed the "River Pattern of Lefkara lace from Jesus last Supper Painting of Leonardo Da Vinci?" Lefkara Work is one of the nishe handicrafts of North Cyprus.  Also, Lapta Account Work, Lace Work, Wicker Chair Knitting, Silk Cocoon work, Wicker Basket Knitting, Wood Carving, and Ceramics are the living representatives of the Cypriot culture and essence and, are still the living  traditional handicrafts. You may see these handcrafts at the handicraft shops at the famous Great Han and production site of Hasder Institute and many other points in North Cyprus, and buy these products designed as  souvenirs.

Folk Dancing

Folk is an old tradition in North Cyprus. At some of the traditional ceremonies for instance marriages, kina nights before marriages, harvest days, festivals and some openings the folk-dancers perform their dances.

Cultural Festivals

As a rising trend, festivals with different themes under the influence of culture and nature of Cyprus are held throughout the year.  In festivals where especially local culture comes forefront,  you will be impressed by the creativity and commitment to tradition of the hospitable Turkish Cypriot people.  Here are some of the festivals that you will come across at least two or more of them during your holiday in North Cyprus:

City of Güzelyurt Orange Festival, Tepebaşı Village Tulipa Cypria Festival, Avtepe Village Medoş Tulip (Tulipa Cypria) , Mehmetçik Village Grape and products Festival, Tatlısu Village Carob Festival, International Bellapais Abbey Music Festival, Historical City of Mağusa International Culture and Art  Festival, Büyükkonuk Village Eco Day, Lefke Village Date and Walnut Festival, Yeşilırmak Village Strawberry Festival, Zeytinlik Village Olive and Products Festival, City of Girne Culture and Art Festivals, Cyprus Theatre Festival, İskele Traditional Festival, Geçitkale Village Hellim Cheese Festival, Serdarlı Village Babutsa (Prickly Pear)  prepare pleasant traditional surprises to you at different times of the year.


The page of Gastronomy Tourism will give you some information about rich Cuisine of North Cyprus.

Traditional Coffee Houses

Men at the villages of North Cyprus spend some time at coffee houses at the villages.  All of the villages have at least one coffee house.  They are having their daily  "Turkish Coffee" and enjoy gossiping. Coffee Houses have important role to play on life of people in North Cyprus.  They love to chat with tourists as well.