North Cyprus Hoteliers Association is a member of the international Hotels & Restaurants Association

With its natural areas North Cyprus is one of the destinations with capacity to  welcome eco tourism explorers all around the world.  East and West part of North Cyprus still unspoiled natural areas with exceptional flora and fauna and villagers.  Many villagers  are open their B&Bs for eco tourism explorers with their well known hospitality. Community based tourism models could be found in Karpaz/Iskele in the villages Büyükkonuk (Komi Kebir), Dipkarpaz, Mehmetcik and many other eco villages. Traditional Festivals are attracting many tourist, foreigners that are living in North Cyprus and also local people from different cities that are looking for natural places, endemics, flora and fauna with experiencing silence and spiritual atmosphere. (Please visit nature tourism and fauna watching tourism sites of this web site). You could stay in B&B at the villages and explore nature and experience village life and rest. 

Ask the trekking routes to explore nature for your health vacation, to rest and be fit by trekking. In the morning pick you own egg, fig, cook your own bread for your breakfast.  Also you could find workshops that you could experience how to make "hellim" cheese, pastry and others.

Many micro enterprises are also operating at the eco villages providing bicycles, handicraft, coffee & traditional cookies. Traditional restaurants are offering traditional food as well (To find out what to eat please visit gastronomy tourism at this site). For adventure travelers, there are trails for mountain biking and hiking, along with opportunities for hang-gliding and other exhilarating activities. For sun-seekers, there are miles of sandy beaches stretching along warm, blue Mediterranean Sea and for families, there is a unique village experience that can include everything from donkey rides to mountain biking.

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