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The beach called "Golden Beach" at Karpaz offers spectacular beauties to tourists visiting the site.  White lilies are on the  sand dunes of the beach.  You could spend the day sunbathing and swimming on the beach that offers you pristine golden sand, clear blue sea with spiritual silence.

The Myth of the White Lilies at the Golden Beach

Once upon a time the most beautiful Princes of the world was travelling at the Eastern Mediterranean.  Due to the terrible storm, the princess who was travelling along with her guards, had to approach to North Cyprus Golden Beach at Karpaz Peninsula.  The ship tried to avoid from the storm,  however it did collapsed and fall apart. She  and her guards had to swim until the Golden Beach of Karpaz.  Unfortunately, the Afrodit became jealous,  when they reach the shore,  she stopped them and turned them into the rocks.  When you walk along the golden sandy beach you will see a white rock, it is her and other rocks are her guards and parts of the ship. The White Sand Flowers on the Golden Beach is believed to be a sign of the aliveness of the Princes.