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North Cyprus has fascinating underwater world with longest diving season in the Mediterranean. The underwater world in North Cyprus you can meet sting rays, amber jacks, scorpions, bream, grouper, cuckoo, wrasse and turtle.

Golf lovers could enjoy their time at the Golf Club in North Cyprus. The Golf Club is naturally decorated with many olive, pine and carob trees. There are two man-made lakes and this natural golf paradise is situated between mountain ranges and sea, that golf players enjoy the scenery of the mountain ranges and the sea from each hole.

Hiking, Trekking and Cycling
North Cyprus offers many alternatives trails to the tourists that are visiting North Cyprus to do trekking, hiking as well as cycling. The unique flora and fauna of North Cyprus that is stated at the "Why North Cyprus" page of this site, will enrapture visitors with its spiritual trails. Be sure that mentally and physically you will be experiencing healthier holiday so ever.

There are several caves in North Cyprus that are free to explore. One, known as the Hot Cave, north of Ağırdağ village on the southern slopes of the five Finger mountains, is a partially collapsed natural formation. Warm air emanates from the cave, hence the name. Do not enter the cave.

Historic Attractions
There are 11 bastions and 3 entrance doors in the section of the capital, Nicosia, also known as Ledra, Ledra, Kermia in the process of history, surrounded by walls of about 4.5 km.

Bird Watching
The location of North Cyprus with Europe to the north, Africa to the south middle east to the east, indicates that millions of migrating birds during all seasons is visiting North Cyprus by many species. More than 370 bird species in Northern Cyprus can be watched at different times of the year, especially in spring and autumn. In terms of bird watching, Northern Cyprus is one of the richest places in the Mediterranean.

Wild Donkey Watching
Among the animal species living in Cyprus, wild donkeys have definitely a special place and role. The presence of these beautiful-innocent looking eyes, hard-working, loyal, and easy going animals, Karpaz, is one of the most attractive places among special interest Tourism alternatives of Cyprus.

Caretta Caretta Watching
There are two species of sea turtles which prefer the beaches of Northern Cyprus to lay their eggs every year. These are the Loggerhead (CarettaCaretta) and the Green Turtle (Chelonia Mydas). More than 200 sea turtles of both types visit Northern Cyprus every year.

Butterfly Watching
More than 50 butterfly species could be found in North Cyprus. The followers of the Species of Red Admirals, Painted Ladies, Cabbage Whites, Brimstones, Orange Tips, Eastern Festoon, Two-tailed Pasha, Hawk Moths, Death's Head, Humming Bird Hawk Moth and Swallow Tail butterfly are expected to visit North Cyprus for butterfly watching.

Natural Sightseeing
Natural Sightseeing, Herbarium, Kyrenia was founded in 1989. The Botanist Dr. Deryck Viney has managed to list 1250 flora specimens in Hebarium. Many pressed plant examples and photographs are welcoming you at the Herbarium.

Crystal clear seas and golden beaches of Northern Cyprus, in which nature offers spectacular beauty, is waiting for its guests. Its most tranquil bays, to which you can escape a little from fast and exhausting life, are waiting to be discovered.

List of the museums in North Cyprus and their opening-closing hours.

Traditional Festivals
ECO DAY Festival of Büyükkonuk (Komikebir) Village, The Eco Day Festival is organizing twice in a year by the Eco Tourism Association every year in May and October. The festival promotes traditional Cypriot customs, dishes and specialties.

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Social Life
Very wide range of North Cyprus bars to suit your tastes, serving local beers, raki randy and imported all kind of alcoholic beverages. Do not forget to try North Cyprus famous cocktail, Brandy Sour.