North Cyprus Hoteliers Association is a member of the international Hotels & Restaurants Association

 Turkish Cypriot Hotel Owners Association Charter Aggreement

 1. Title, Headquartes and Date of Establishement
 a) Title: Turkish Cypriot Hotel Owners Association. Acronym: KITOB. 
 b) Headquarters: Kyrenia. 
 c) Date of Establishment: February 2nd, 1991.
 2. Goal
 a) To establish unified representation for all officially classified and licensed lodging facilities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cypress. 
 b) To forestall competition damages in the industry and to create an ongoing atmosphere of cooperation. 
 c) To protect the common interests of hoteliers and to undertake all legal actions actions as indicated. 
 d) In order to expand the number of foreign tourists, to make efforts for improving the means of air and sea travel and to make necessary contacts with policy makers for the elimination of transportation and communication problems. 
 e) To raise the funds required for the goals of the Association and to ensure its continued existence; make every effort and investment for the acquisition of a privately owned association building. 
 f) To create an environment of professional unity wherein active and regular participation of members will be encouraged, and to ensure that tourism, in all its aspects, evolves in the direction of national interests. 
 g) To be up-to-date with global developments in tourism, to gather information especially about lodging accomodation services and to pass this information to the industry and to our members. 
 h) To play a pioneering role in the marketing, promotion and sales activities in the lodging industry and to conduct and implement necessary researches. 
 i) To take part in local or international stock markets, fairs and exhibits related to tourism and hotel management. 
 j) To be instrumental in informing managers and executives about recent developments in the tourism industry; to organize courses and seminars to train new candidates and to work with other organizations within the tourism and hospitality industries. 
 k) To monitor global tendencies in tourism, to gather and disseminate information about lodging services and markets and to provide assistance in related matters. 
 l) To join and recruit members for international organizations, to participate in their meetings and organize such meetings. 
 m) To join and send representatives to any future organizations and councils related to the tourism industry, to hold memberships in already existing ones and to send representatives to official bodies related to tourism. 
 n) To collaborate with relevant ministries, other official and civil organizations and persons. 
 o) To be involved in tourism related publications. 
 p) To facilitate coordinated action with the relevant ministry and related organizations in determining our members' rates. 
 q) To undertake legals actions for guarding members' rights and to act as an arbitrator to resolve disputes in the industry. 
 r) To engage in activities in line with our goals in all areas related to the tourism industry and to fulfill any other functions to be defined in laws and legislations. 
 s) To supply membership documents to members. 
 t) To cooperate with the relevant ministry regarding the planning and implementation of new investments in accordance with national and international rules and principles. 
 u) To advise the relevant ministry in matters related to tourism. 
 v) To fulfill the duties assigned by the General Assembly and to conform to the principles layed out by the Assembly. 
 w) To ensure that the Association's opinion and approval is sought for all tourism licences issued by the Ministry of Tourism.
 3. Membership
 The owners and/or legal representatives of hotels and other lodging facilities which are classified and licenced by the relevant ministry are eligible for membership. Hotel owners lose their membership and all related privileges upon the termination of their licences.
 6. Applying for Membership
 In order to qualify for membership: 
 a) Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cypress and in possession of the ability to exercise civil rights. 
 b) Candidates should not have a conviction record for a felony charge. 
 c) Candidates should agree to conform to this charter agreement and to all rules and decisions established by KITOB.
 13. Organizational Bodies
 a) General Assembly 
 b) Board of Directors 
 c) Monitoring Committee 
 d) Discipline Committee 
At discretion of the General Assembly, special committees may be formed for certain functions.
 15. Time of Convention
The Ordinary Annual General Assembly meeting is held every year. Elections are held in November of every other year. The location, date, time and agenda of the meeting is announced to members, in writing, at least 21 days prior to the date of the meeting. Additionally, announcements are placed in two local newspapers 1 week prior to the meeting. The agenda of the meeting is determined by the Board of Directors. However, members can make a written request to the Board of Directors at least 15 days prior to the meeting if they wish to suggest other issues to be included in the agenda.
 19. Board of Directors
 The Board of Directors consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary, a Comptroller and three active Members.
 21. Division of Responsibilities in the Board of Directors and the Representation of the Association
 The Board Members selected by the General Assembly convene at at a date no later than 1 week following their appointment. In this meeting the Board Members select a chairman by confidential vote and work out the division of responsibilities.
 28. Monitoring Comittee
 The General Assembly selects three associate members and one substitute member to monitor the expenditures of the Board. The Monitoring Board serves a two year term, starting from the day of its appointment. The Chair of the Board calls the substitute member to duty should any one of the monitors resign their positions.
 30. Discipline Comittee
 The Discipline Committee consists of three individiuals selected by the General Assembly from among the members.
 32. The Revenues of the Association 
 The main revenues of the Association are entrance and membership fees collected from members. Additional revenues include those obtained from lotteries and social activities organized by the Board in accordance with current laws.
 33. Expenditure of Renevues
 The Association's revenues can be used for the following: 
 a) Covering the expenses of members who will represent the Association in meetings held in other countries. 
 b) Renting, selling or accepting donations of real estate, given that all such revenues be used toward the goals of the Association. 
 c) Covering the expenses of guests, organizing seminars and similar activities, making donations to charitable causes. 
 d) Acquiring necessary recources for the Association, such as equipment, stationary and the like. 
Decisions concerning the above expenditures are made by the Board of Directors. The fiscal responsibilities of the Association are restricted with the funds available to the Association. Board Members are not liable for these fiscal responsibilities.
 35. Fiscal Year
 The Association's fiscal year begins in the first day of January and ends on the 31st of December. The accounting of Revenues-Expenses and the balance sheet is finalized by the Comptroller at least 3 weeks prior to the Annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting.
 38. Dissolution of the Association
 The General Assembly may decide for the dissolution of the Association with supporting votes from at least two thirds of registered members. The General Assembly selects a dissolution committee consisting of five members. Movable and unmovable assets of the Association can be handed down to a similar organization or a charity. Alternatively, the General Assembly may suspend the dissolution of the Association for a given period.