North Cyprus Hoteliers Association is a member of the international Hotels & Restaurants Association


Many countries in Europe are experiencing unexpected developments such as global economic crises, civil war and conflicts that is continuously affecting World Tourism Sector negatively.  Despite these, as island at the Eastern Mediterranean, the destination of North Cyprus is offering most convenient and secure holiday to the tourists.

Due to the changes in the exchange rates, Turkish Lira, the currency used in North Cyprus is contributing the attractiveness of  the destination of North Cyprus for the European Tourists as well as tourists in other countries.  Addition to convenient holiday, North Cyprus is also offering secure & peaceful  holiday with her low level of crime and high level of safety during your holiday at North Cyprus. 

Innate hospitality and sincerely behavior is normal mode of life  of North Cyprus people. This is adding distinguished value to your holiday while this value cannot be found at many other holiday destinations. Due to this many tourists are visiting North Cyprus frequently.    

Today's tourist profile is showing tendency towards "activity based" holiday  not hotel based as in the past. With this change in tourist profile,  North Cyprus gains advantage with her  Tourism Products that include; diving, paragliding, trekking, hiking, cycling, golf, health, beauty, photography, gastronomy, horse/wild donkey riding, bird watching, kite surf, and many other activities.    

You could easily travel to North Cyprus by using many alternatives and you could enjoy  unspoiled nature, unique culture and historical monuments.

With love, peace and happiness...