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North Cyprus has fascinating  underwater world with longest diving season in the Mediterranean. The underwater world in North Cyprus you can meet sting rays, amber jacks, scorpions, bream, grouper, cuckoo, wrasse and turtle.  Visibility can be more than 30 meters. Octopus and moray eel, colorful sponges and soft corals could be found at the bottom of the sea.   North Cyprus hosted many civilizations. So, divers in North Cyprus could catch chance to dive ancient times when come across with ancient wrecked ships.

North Cyprus has also a very rich potential for diving.  You can see the point where the oldest of the world known wreck was located in there from the time of Alexander the Great.  It has the most suitable conditions in the Mediterranean with an average sea water temperature of  21.5 degrees.  This is ideal for those wishing to explore deep blue sea, and the underwater.  Especially in many diving points in Girne (Kyrenia) and other regions, diving into the blue depths will offer different perspectives to you from the mysterious North Cyprus.