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There are several caves in North Cyprus that are free to explore.  One, known as the Hot Cave, north of Ağırdağ village on the southern slopes of the five Finger mountains, is a partially collapsed natural formation. Warm air emanates from the cave, hence the name. Do not enter the cave.  Another natural cave in city of Girne (Kyrenia) area is the Guvercinlik Cave near Alevkayasi region.  Access the cave involves some fairly difficult climbing. Proceed with caution.

there are three more caves in the Gazimağusa area.  The most beautiful and popular Cave is İncirli Cave, a hundred meter long passage with contains an amazing collection of stalatites and stalagmites.  Finally the ominously named Execution Cave, near Kaleburnu village. There is set to be a golden earthenware jar hidden somewhere in the cave.