North Cyprus Hoteliers Association is a member of the international Hotels & Restaurants Association
Vision and Mission
To be pioneer association for the creation of strong North Cyprus tourism brand and managing sustainable tourism structure.

Message from The President
Many countries in Europe are experiencing unexpected developments such as global economic crises, civil war and conflicts that is continuously affecting World Tourism Sector negatively. Despite these, as island at the Eastern Mediterranean, the destination of North Cyprus is offering most convenient and secure holiday to the tourists.

Turkish Cypriot Hotel Owners Association Charter Aggreement

Member List
North Cyprus Hoteliers Association Member Hotels List

Occupancy Rate Graphs by North Cyprus Hoteliers Association

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KITOB Managing Board
KITOB Managing Board: President Dimağ Çağıner (Acapulco Hotel 5 Star) Substansive Members: 1. Umut Gürtunç (Korineum Golf,  Boutique Hotel) (Vice President) 2. Erhan Özerden (Oscar Hotel, 4 Star) (Secretary General)  3. Ercan Otçuoğlu (Altınkaya, 2nd Class Holiday Village) (Treasurer) 4. Süleyman Kansu (Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, 5 Star) 5. Tunç Sirintuna (Colony Hotel, 5 Star) 6. Tamer Emin (Merit Crystal  Hotel, 5Star) 7. Niyazi Beydağlı (Denizkızı Hotel, 3 Star) 8. Buse Çelebi (Çelebi Garden, 3 Star) 9. Fethi Özboğaç (Lapida Hotel, 2 Star) 10. Gülten Aşık Aytaç (Almond, Turistic Bungalows)